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Which Jutsu Should You Use Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated December 17, 2018 9.4k views12 items

The world of Naruto is filled with hundreds of incredible techniques, known as jutsu. Using various forms of jutsu, shinobi can do everything from shoot balls of fire at their opponents to bring the dead back to life. With so many great options, it's tempting to think about what kind of technique you're best suited for. But with so many jutsu to choose from, where should you start? One option is by looking at your personality traits - which are determined by your astrological sign. 

Are you a Taurus who wants to express your creativity, but isn't afraid to go hard when pushed? Then Explosive Clay, a technique that lets the user build beautiful sculptures and then blow them up, might be your perfect match. Are you a Capricorn who excels at setting and achieving long term goals? Then set your sights on Sage Mode, which takes a ton of prep work, but pays off in the end. 

Wherever you fall on the zodiac cycle, there's an awesome jutsu that matches you.

  • Aries is a fire sign, so a fire jutsu like Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique seems apropos. This jutsu, which was created by the Uchiha clan, allows the user to collect chakra from their body and expel it through their mouths, creating a huge ball of fire in the process. Its extreme power is appealing to Arien sensibilities - this sign likes everything big, bold, and robust. It requires precision and training to use successfully, which presents a challenge for the reckless sign, but not one that can't be overcome with the unstoppable energy that Ariens possess. 

  • Taureans have two modes: relaxing and enjoying the finer things that life has to offer, and working their tails off to achieve their goals, even if it means getting aggressive. That's why Explosive Clay, a form of earth release jutsu used by Deidara, is an ideal technique for the earth sign. It can be used for two distinct purposes. The first one is artistic: the clay can be shaped into any form the user chooses - Deidara often opts for birds and other animals. The second is destructive: the clay is imbued with chakra that causes it to explode. One for each Taurean mode! 

  • Geminis are known for a lot of things, but one trait that's unique to this air sign is its multi-faceted personality - often, there's too much to be contained in just one body. That's why Clone Jutsu, which lets the user create functional clones of themselves, is such a good match. An unskilled Clone Jutsu user can't do much more than replicate their appearance, but an advanced user can create hundreds of clones at once, all of which can act independently. Just make sure to keep track of who the original is!

  • Cancer is one of the most self-sacrificing signs of the zodiac cycle. While most signs would balk at the idea of giving up their life for someone else, a Cancer might rise to the challenge if they truly cared about the other person, or felt that their actions helped with the greater good. That's why One's Own Life Reincarnation, a forbidden jutsu pioneered by Chiyo of Sunagakure, is a good match. 

    The user funnels their chakra into a target who is dead or on the verge of death. In the case of a living target, they will be saved, but the user will be completely exhausted afterward. In the case of a dead target, the user will have to exchange their own soul for theirs - saving someone else's life, but dying in the process. This jutsu is only to be used in extreme circumstances, which a Cancer is likely to identify accurately.