13 Frustrating Naruto Mysteries That Were Never Explained

Naruto is an incredible series that's absolutely earned its reputation as one of the greatest shonen anime in history...but it's also a long-running shonen anime that leaves a whole lot of unanswered questions. It's not that the series needs to answer every single one of them - after all, some of the Naruto mysteries can be a source of entertaining speculation among fans - but it'd be nice to learn the truth behind at least a few. 

What are some of the most burning unanswered Naruto questions? Well, here's one at the core of the series: why was Naruto left totally unsupervised when he has one of the most valuable weapons in history sealed into his body? Also, why did the Akatsuki rings, which were critically important at first, suddenly stop mattering? And when and how did Hashirama kick the bucket? There are also a few from the Boruto timeline that we hope will be addressed eventually, like who exactly is Metal Lee's mother?

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    How Did Hashirama Die?

    Hashirama passed away at a young age, just as Konoha was starting to bloom into the village he envisioned. But how that happened is never explained.

    As one of the greatest ninja in history, it's unlikely that there was anyone who could have taken him down - especially since he'd already felled his greatest rival, Madara. If there was such a person, you'd think that we would know about them, as they would probably have also been one of the key figures in Konoha history. 

    Another possibility is that he was ill, or that he passed away from residual injuries after fighting Madara years earlier, or accumulated injuries from battling other foes. Also, some have speculated that his regenerative abilities could have shortened his lifespan.

    Whatever happened, it's never properly explained. 

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    Why Is The Senju Clan Inactive?

    Aside from members like Tsunade, the Senju clan seems to be largely inactive. It's rare for anyone to crop up with the Senju name, and Kiba once noted that he'd only heard of them in history books. Not that what Kiba's heard of necessarily proves anything, but there's no other evidence showing that the Senjus are a thriving clan.

    So what happened? While there are a million possible explanations, we don't know. It's a pretty big deal that one of the city's foundational clans just petered out of existence, with seemingly fewer surviving members than the massacred Uchiha clan, so it'd be nice if this were ever addressed.

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    What Clans Or Families Do Orochimaru & Jiraiya Come From?

    The Legendary Sannin are among the most important ninja in Konoha history, but only one of them has a last name.

    Orochimaru is known to have parents who passed away, while Jiraiya apparently had living parents throughout his childhood. But who those parents were is totally unknown. 

    Most of the strongest shinobi in Konoha come from identifiable clans. While one doesn't have to be from a known clan to be strong, it's rare enough that it would be worth noting. They aren't the only characters who don't have last names or identifiable families, but it seems like more of an oversight for the two of them than for, say, Ten Ten. 

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    Why Does Moegi Kazamatsuri Know Wood Release?

    One of the strangest, most unexpected details about Boruto is the fact that Moegi Kazamatsuri knows Wood Release. The series isn't over yet, so it's entirely possible that we will get an explanation for it - but so far, it's not really clear. 

    Wood Release is a kekkai genkai that combines water and earth release. It is apparently possible to learn some kekkai genkai through training, as Ohnoki did when he learned Dust Release (technically a kekkai mora but the same principle applies) from Mu. But this is extremely rare - most people require a genetic connection.

    Wood Release, specifically, is a sacred technique that belonged exclusively to Hashirama and those who had access to his cells. Orochimaru tried to imbue 60 children with Hashirama's cells and only one, Yamato, survived the process and gained access to Wood Release. 

    It's technically possible that Moegi could learn the technique on her own, but it's extraordinarily unlikely. What seems more likely is that she's somehow related to the Senjuu clan. But is she? Hopefully we eventually get an answer, but that remains to be seen.