WATCH NASA Captures "The Bluest Of Ice" In Stunning Photos  

Mick Jacobs

If you thought Antarctica would look like a barren, icy wasteland, you'd only be about 40% correct. In the video below, NASA provides a glimpse into the beauty of one of the most inaccessible areas on the globe.

Called the McMurdo Ice Shelf, it is a substantial part of the largest ice shelf in Antarctica, an area roughly equivalent in size to France. Along one portion of the shelf, some of the ice gave way to reveal the layers beneath.

Captured from above by NASA, the revealed layers of blue ice are stunning. Bright blue with a bit of a neon tinge, this blue ice resembles the color of the horizon line meeting the sky, except it's underwater.

It just goes to show you that the world is full of surprises, even somewhere as cold and bleak as Antarctica. Watch the video below to see just how breathtaking it can be.