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NASCAR Drivers And Officials Who Lean to the Left

Updated August 29, 2018 22.2k views6 items

Which NASCAR drivers are Democrats? While the sport has a reputation for leaning far to the right on most issues, there are actually some drivers and NASCAR officials who harbor some traditionally left wing views. From immigration to LGBTQ+ issues, the below liberal NASCAR drivers defy stereotypes associated with the sport. 

As the NASCAR community tends to be on the conservative side, many left wing NASCAR drivers keep quiet on precisely defining their political views. While Leilani Munter openly calls herself a liberal and Junior Johnson endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, many other drivers stay silent in regards to adopting any official label one way or another. However, their openness on certain political issues has led some to believe they align themselves with the Democratic Party. Dale Earnhardt, Jr., for example, has openly spoke in support of national anthem protests and voiced his opposition to conservative immigration policies. 

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