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The All-Time Nastiest Moments On 'Fear Factor'

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Although it was billed as a game show, the worst Fear Factor challenges suggest the original NBC show belonged in the horror genre. Given the extreme nature of the stunts and dares contestants completed – not to mention what they ate – many viewers wondered if the show did too much. But that's precisely the point.

All the times Fear Factor went too far are why fans tuned in; no wonder this series just refuses to die. It originally aired on NBC from 2001 to 2006 before being canceled. In 2011, NBC brought it back, but canceled it again a year later. MTV aired a third incarnation of Fear Factor in 2017. It's the little show that could, because some people will seemingly do anything for the chance to win some cash.

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    Drinking Donkey Semen And Urine

    The episode "Hee Haw! Hee Haw!" never made it to air – so, apparently there are some things too gross for Fear Factor. In this challenge, contestants tossed horseshoes. Whatever number the horseshoe landed on was the number of ounces of donkey urine or donkey semen they had to drink. NBC scrapped the episode, but it exists online.

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    Chewing Cow Intestines

    In this Season 4 stunt, contestants reclined in a glass coffin filled with cow intestines. Then they had to puncture the intestines with their teeth, suck out the liquid, and spit the liquid into a glass. For the coup de grâce, they had to drink the cup's contents. The winning contestant did all of this in two minutes and 56 seconds.

    She also threw up afterwards, which is totally understandable.

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    Eating A Bowl Of Blended Rat

    A Season 5 challenge whipped up a rat smoothie for contestants to guzzle down. The stunt was so gross a viewer ended up suing the show for $2.5 million, claiming it made him and someone else in his home physically ill.

    The lawsuit was eventually dismissed, but the memories of blended rat undoubtedly remained.

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    Eating A Horse's Rectum

    In Season 3, show contestants threw horseshoes to determine how many inches of horse rectum they had to consume. Some contestants were able to gag down the offensive body part, and some just couldn't make it.

    A successful participant noted that it had tasted like chicken.

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