WATCH If You Consider Yourself A Foodie, Are You Brave Enough To Try These Hardcore Local Delicacies?  

Rebecca High

Food from all corners of the globe can be delightful and exciting, but some tastes don't just translate. This video highlights five of the grossest snacks anybody raised on Pop Tarts could encounter when traveling.

"Escargot — raw snails?" You might think, assuming weird treats are on the menu. But no. "Beef tartar? Vegemite?" Not even. Those polarizing delicacies from around the world don't even make the top five grossest things that'll probably make an American's tongue squirm.

Here's something a lot of these snacks have in common, though: fermentation or aging processes. For example, most Americans love a good wedge of cheese, but they tend to avoid the stinkiest, strongest, oldest ones. 

Which is why there's cheese in this video roundup, and unless your taste buds have been working out in international zones, it's probably not one you're going to add to your charcuterie selection. Watch for what else made it into the top five grossest snacks from around the world!