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The Nastiest Things Michael Myers Has Ever Done In The 'Halloween' Franchise

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Haddonfield, IL, has been the site of some of the most gruesome slayings in cinematic history, and it’s all thanks to Michael Myers. Since 1978’s Halloween, he’s been terrorizing the people of Haddonfield (aside from a brief sojourn to Summer Glen, CA) and with each visit his rampages become more over the top. Over the course of the franchise, Michael Myers has used everything at his disposal to get rid of his marks, and like the films themselves, this look at the nastiest things in Halloween movies is not for the faint of heart. 

No one is safe on Halloween night in Haddonfield, especially not teenagers, police, or paramedics. Anyone from those demographics seem to be put through the grossest things in Halloween, but they’re not the only people to get the Myers treatment. Dads, random women, and psychiatric professionals have also wound up on the wrong end of his hands. We’re looking at the nastiest bits from every movie in the franchise in which Myers appears, even Resurrection, so break out the candy and lock your doors.