The Nastiest Things Michael Myers Has Ever Done In The 'Halloween' Franchise

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Haddonfield, IL, has been the site of some of the most gruesome slayings in cinematic history, and it’s all thanks to Michael Myers. Since 1978’s Halloween, he’s been terrorizing the people of Haddonfield (aside from a brief sojourn to Summer Glen, CA) and with each visit his rampages become more over the top. Over the course of the franchise, Michael Myers has used everything at his disposal to get rid of his marks, and like the films themselves, this look at the nastiest things in Halloween movies is not for the faint of heart. 

No one is safe on Halloween night in Haddonfield, especially not teenagers, police, or paramedics. Anyone from those demographics seem to be put through the grossest things in Halloween, but they’re not the only people to get the Myers treatment. Dads, random women, and psychiatric professionals have also wound up on the wrong end of his hands. We’re looking at the nastiest bits from every movie in the franchise in which Myers appears, even Resurrection, so break out the candy and lock your doors. 

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    Scalding A Nurse

    Scalding A Nurse
    Photo: Halloween 2 / Universal Pictures

    In Halloween II, Michael Myers gives somewhat ironic ends to all the nurses and doctors hanging out overnight at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. 

    When Nurse Karen Bailey slips into one of the hospital's hot tubs to have a rendezvous with her beau, Budd, she has the ill luck of running into the masked man. After Michael cranks up the heat in the pool, she sends Budd to turn it down. He's dispatched by Michael, and when Karen gets out to find out what happened, she's grabbed by Michael and he dunks her head into the water, boiling her alive. 

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    Stomping On Doctor Sartain

    Stomping On Doctor Sartain
    Photo: Halloween 2018 / Universal Pictures

    When Michael Myers comes home (again) in Halloween 2018, he dishes out some of the most upsetting stuff in the the franchise’s history. After a set of podcasters remind him of what he did in 1978, they flip a switch in his head that turns him from docile to psychotic. His famously poor demeanor isn’t helped by the fact that Doctor Sartain, who took over for the late Doctor Loomis, has been nursing Michael’s tendencies so he can understand why The Shape acts the way he does. 

    Doctor Sartain is so sure that Michael won’t hurt him that he’s comfortable getting up close and personal with him, and he even sort of helps him go after Laurie Strode and her family. This doesn’t earn him a respite from Michael’s savagery, and Michael stomps his head in front of Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson. 

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    Impaling A Teen On A Fence

    Impaling A Teen On A Fence
    Photo: Halloween 2018 / Universal Pictures

    In Halloween 2018, Allyson’s friend Oscar is one of those annoying guys who hangs out with a girl with the hope that some day she’ll be so desperate that she’ll hook up with him. Does that mean he deserves to be taken out? Michael Myers seems to think so. 

    After Allyson bails on Oscar in a neighbor’s yard outfitted with motion detecting lights, Myers uses the lights to his advantage and sneaks up on Oscar. When Allyson hears his screams, she runs back to check on him and finds a piece of the fence shoved through her friend’s mouth. 

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    Impaling Kelly Meeker With A Shotgun

    Impaling Kelly Meeker With A Shotgun
    Photo: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers / Galaxy International Releasing

    Poor Kelly Meeker. All she wants to do was hook up with that hunk Brady while her dad (the sheriff) patrolled on Halloween night, but when Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield after breaking out of a mental institution, she's stuck making coffee for her dad and his deputies while they board up her house. Kindness is rarely rewarded in the Halloween franchise, and when she brings a cup of coffee to someone, she thinks it's her dad - but instead, she gets the surprise of her life. 

    Michael, who's by now adept at hiding in plain sight, pretends to be Kelly's dad by sitting in his rocking chair and staring out a window. When Kelly sets down the coffee, she's caught off guard by Michael and impaled with a shotgun.

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    Taking Off An Ambulance Driver's Head With A Shard Of Glass

    Rob Zombie’s Halloween II opens with a classic bit of horror movie business. Directly following the events of Zombie’s first film in the series, Michael’s remains are being transported to the hospital while the town coroner and a paramedic talk. They’re so distracted with their conversation they don’t notice a cow in the road until it’s too late. Their van collides with the cow, smashes up the front, and wakes Michael.

    The aftermath of the crash is hard enough to watch, but it’s what Michael does next that’s really disgusting. Michael walks around the back of the van and finds the paramedic screaming for help. He picks up a shard of broken glass and uses it to saw through his neck. After seeing an apparition of his mother and a white horse, Michael leaves the whole mess in the middle of the road for some unlucky traveler to find. 

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    Zapping John Strode's Head

    Zapping John Strode's Head
    Photo: Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers / Dimension Films

    Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers is an absolutely bananas movie that delves into the machinations of the Cult of Thorn while also providing some truly unforgettable violence. 

    By the time John Strode returns home from on Halloween night, everyone at his house is either long gone or they know about Michael Myers and they're on the run. It's just his luck that he's all alone in the house when the power goes out. When he walks down to the basement, he's confronted by Michael and put through the wringer. First he finds the remains of his wife in the washing machine, then he's stabbed in the stomach and spun around in the air before he's shoved onto some exposed wires and electrocuted until his head pops.

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