14 Movies You Should Never Watch While You’re Eating

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Some movies are so gross you shouldn't be eating popcorn - and certainly not a creamy beef stroganoff - while watching. The films on this list are bad dinner time movies, and some are just bad anytime movies. Some of the films are so graphic and gruesome that you might throw up in your mouth a little. At the very lest they'll churn your stomach. After all, people can have some pretty extreme reactions to watching movies.   

While a some of these films are just torture porn (nothing more than one gruesome scene after another made to provoke mental and physical repulsion) others are cult classics and surreal masterpieces. The provocateurs behind these films are testing the limits of the viewer's voyeurism. We want to turn away, but our morbid curiosity (and perhaps an inner and inactive deviance) keeps us staring at the screen in equal parts horror and fascination.

Some of the more intense movies on this list will make you want to scrub your brain with Lysol, while others will merely give you some horrific nightmares for a while. Watch at your own discretion. Warning: the films in this list are so repulsive that you may not want to read this on your lunch break.

And obviously: spoilers ahead. Because of course there are.