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13 Suspicious, Contradictory Facts About The Mysterious Death Of Natalie Wood

On November 28, 1981, the weekend after Thanksgiving, a notorious, very mysterious  Hollywood scandal took place on the Splendour, a 60-foot yacht anchored off Catalina Island, about 20 miles from Los Angeles. On board were Natalie Wood, her husband Robert Wagner, her friend Christopher Walken, and Captain Dennis Davern. All four were heavily intoxicated, both aboard the ship and on land, after a dinner complemented by multiple bottles of champagne. At approximately 8:00 am the following morning, 43-year-old Wood was found dead in the water about a mile from the yacht. It was determined an accidental drowning, despite the very suspicious circumstances of Natalie Wood's death.

Many items on this list are confirmed facts. The world knows with absolute certainty alcohol and pills played a factor in the childhood-actress-turned-Hollywood-icon's death. It's also known Wood had a deep-seated terror of water, and was fighting with Wagner that evening.

Along with the facts are many questions surrounding her death. How did Wood wind up in the freezing water that night? Did she slip trying to retie the dingy to the yacht? Did she simply fall overboard? How did she get all of the scratches found on her body? What was the exact relationship between Wood and her Brainstorm co-star Christopher Walken?

Weird celebrity deaths have fascinated the world for decades. The tragic mystery of Natalie Wood's death may never be solved. There are so many varying versions of the events on that fateful night. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Who, if anyone, can be trusted? Discover for yourself the bizarre night in 1981 that's essentially Rashomon come to life.