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Behind The Scenes Of 'Natural Born Killers'

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Natural Born Killers, Oliver Stone’s 1994 movie about a couple living on the edge of society and on the run from the law, is a gory, wild film that moves at a breakneck pace. While groups like the PMRC were trying to tamp down on what they perceived as moral degradation in music and film, Stone released what is arguably one of the most challenging films of the ‘90s. In NBK, the audience is thrust into the world of Mickey and Mallory, two young people who carve a canyon of chaos across America without remorse. 

The film’s journey from script to screen was as tumultuous as the onscreen anarchy. Quentin Tarantino, who wrote initial drafts of the screenplay, saw his work gutted to fit Stone’s cinematic ideals. Even Stone had to cut his film to pieces to secure a rating that insured it would land in theaters. Following its release, the movie inspired letters from politicians and copycat incidents

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