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These Eye-Opening Photos Show Nature Reclaiming An Old WWII Combat Zone

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WWII – spanning from 1939 to 1945 – left irreparable destruction in its wake. As such, many pictures from that period are difficult for the modern viewer to digest. Images of people and lands that didn't survive the turmoil are still taboo. As time passes, however, Earth evolves, refusing to leave her grounds permanently scarred. 

The photographs on this list show artifacts mostly sourced from the German Siege of Leningrad in Russia. Overcome by greenery in the Neva Bridgehead area, these relics from WWII are metaphorically indicative of nature's response to human transgressions. The image of a young tree growing through a fallen soldier's helmet, for example, demonstrates that with time, nature can ease even our most macabre wrongs. Maybe even more idyllically, nature can create tranquility among remnants of tragedy.

Though WWII irrevocably changed the world, nature has found a way to fight back.