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15 Great Christmas Movies That Are On The Naughty List

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For so many, the Christmas season evokes memories of holiday cheer, the smells of cinnamon and peppermint, and the spirit of giving, evoked in Christmas movies since the dawn of cinema. But for every dozen wholesome, uplifting holiday flicks, fans of less festive silver-screen fare are treated to a darker take on the Christmas spirit - movies where yuletide joy is replaced with profound disappointment and the only gifts being given are in the form of vulgar insults, harsh beatings, and general misanthropic mayhem. Essentially, Christmas movies for jaded grown-ups instead of their precocious kids.

The holidays don't just come for kids learning lessons about friendship and faith or parents who are reconnecting with their kids - it's also for criminals looking to pull jobs on Christmas Eve, sinister monsters seeking children to eat, and drug-addled maniacs trying to have some fun by sowing chaos. From horror flicks to crime dramas to pitch-black comedies, here's a look at some great Christmas movies that are definitely on Santa's naughty list. Vote up your darkest Christmas favorites.