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Navy SEAL Slang The Most Elite U.S. Soldiers Really Use

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The banana who had to ring out after getting a sugar cookie is officially non-qual. Those are just a few terms used by Navy SEALs, the elite military group known for the toughest military training in the world. Less than 10% of applicants meet Navy SEAL requirements, and then only about 25- to 35% make it through SEAL training. That’s a high failure rate for a group that is already considered the cream of the crop.  

Most of us do not have the physical or mental toughness to be a SEAL. Learning Navy SEAL jargon, however, will at least make us sound cool. SEAL is an acronym that stands for Sea, Air, and Land. And just like police slang, a lot of the vernacular used by SEALs consists of acronyms.

Learn what it means to be a pipe hitter or a bullfrog with this collection of Navy SEAL slang.

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    Flash Bang

    Meaning: A stun grenade used by SEAL teams in the field.  

    Use It In A Sentence: "The SEAL used a flash bang to disorientate the enemy during the rescue mission."

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    The Head

    Meaning: The bathroom on a ship.

    Use It In A Sentence: "I drank too many neats. I gotta hit the head." 

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    Meaning: Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training. BUD/S is a grueling 6-month training course with a high dropout rate. It is considered one of the most mentally and physically challenging training programs in the world. 

    Use It In A Sentence: "If a SEAL can finish BUD/S, then he's both mentally and physically prepared for combat." 

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    Sugar Cookie

    Meaning: A form of punishment for when a trainee fails uniform inspection. The trainee is told to walk out into the water, get wet, then roll around on the beach until completely covered with sand. They must remain covered in sand for the rest of the day. 

    Use It In A Sentence: "Mike's punishment for an untied shoelace was a sugar cookie at 0600."

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