Weird History Bizarre Unsolved Nazi Conspiracies And Mysteries That Baffle Historians To This Day  

Mick Jacobs

What gets more scandalous than a Nazi conspiracy theory? The world’s most universally hated villains make fantastic subjects for conspiracy and urban legend, as everyone wants to add their own little twist to liven it up. Everything from religious artifacts to ghost trains appears in the annals of Nazi conspiracy history.

The tales also span across continents, from Europe to South America to, of all places, Antarctica. Just as the Third Reich's devastating impact extended well beyond Germany, these conspiracy theories allegedly encompass global plots.

While some get pretty sinister, such as the fates of rather high-ranking Nazi officials, others take some strange turns to make their points. Yes, even stranger than the real life Nazis who managed to escape to South America to lead quiet, reclusive lives away from the international authorities.

The fact that any of these outlandish tales are associated with the Nazis just tells you how effing messed up the Third Reich really was. And before you dismiss all of this as paranoid nonsense, just remember how truly unbelievable the real events of WWII were. For a bite-sized reminder, watch the video below and sound off, whether your're a skeptic or a believer.