The Biggest NBA Controversies Of 2022

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What is the biggest NBA controversy of 2022? In the NBA, controversies are a daily occurrence. NBA Players go around dissing each other left and right. Fans clown on the players for all their ridiculous online antics. Coaches get mad at players for dissing and clowning too much. It's the circle of NBA life. Whether it's off the court antics getting legal, or on the court beefs getting tested, NBA players are not shy about getting into hot water. But, what are the biggest NBA controversies of 2022? Which 2022 NBA controversy drives you crazy?

So far, multiple big name NBA players have caused controversy in 2022. Ben Simmons continued sabbatical, Kyrie's vaccination status, and the coronavirus ruining basketball are all major 2022 NBA talking points, which will probably go on throughout the season. While Kevin Porter Jr.'s locker room scuffle and fans hating the arena might be flashes of controversy in the pan. 

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  • Kyrie Irving Suspended For Anti-Semitic Remarks
    Photo: @brooklynnets / Instagram

    Kyrie Irving Suspended For Anti-Semitic Remarks

    Kyrie Irving continues to be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, this time getting himself suspended for re-posting a film with heavily anti-Semitic views and ideas, and refusing to apologize or take accountability for spreading those ideas. The Brooklyn Nets gave Irving numerous times to walk back the post, to apologize, or to say anything to temper the situation, but Irving refused to at every turn, and at times doubled down on his statement. Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai seemingly finally had enough of Irving's contrarian thoughts and suspended the superstar indefinitely. 

    Tsai then went on to give a laundry list of demands for Irving to follow through on in order to return to the team, including speaking to the Jewish commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver. This caused a riff between players and owners, as many players believed the punishment was too steep for merely posting the film on his social media, but ownership and higher-ups around the league believed they needed to set an example that these things will not be tolerated. Many players came to Irving's defense as time went on, most notably LeBron James, who called out the NBA for being too harsh on their punishment.

    Eventually, Irving would be re-instated to the team, however, it appears that Irving is on razor-thin ice, and the next slip-up with the team could be his last.

  • Joshua Primo Cut From Spurs After Exposing Himself to Team Staffer
    Photo: San Antonio Spurs / Instagram

    In just his second year with the San Antonio Spurs, and right after the team picked up the third deal on his rookie option, number 12 overall pick Josh Primo was suddenly and shockingly released from the organization. While Primo initially tried to start an uproar on social media, the Spurs organization fired back, revealing that Primo indecently exposed himself to a team staffer. An investigation and lawsuit followed suit between Primo and the former clinical psychologist for the Spurs, and eventually, all parties involved agreed to settle the suit, and it is highly unlikely Primo will ever step foot on a basketball court ever again.

  • Ime Udoka Is Not A Family Man
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    When news came out that Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka was getting indefinitely suspended for having an innappopriate relationship with a Celtics staff member, everyone's first thought was "wait, he cheated on Nia Long???" How could you do Lisa Wilkes like that bro??? Well, it turns out Udoka isn't a family man. What is he then? This remains to be seen. Some C's fans still cape for Udoka because he took the team to the NBA Finals in his first year after all. For others, Udoka's off court antics are a moral hazard to rooting on the team, so the motto is good riddance. The fallout from Udoka's actions and abrupt dismissal haven't even begun but this will of course be a narrative all year as more details leak out about what really went down.

  • The Los Angeles Lakers Are Delusional
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Anyone who pays attention to the NBA offseason watched the Los Angeles Lakers flail all summer to try to rid themselves of Russell West-brick's massive expiring contract to no avail. The Lakers looked abysmal last year when Russ shared the court with L.A.'s other two superstars. You might've heard of them, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Russ is a ball dominant volume shooter who does none of the little things to help a team win a Championship. In other words, he fits terribly next to LeBron and AD. The Lakers will continue to try to trade the point guard and luckily for them his ludicrous $44 million expiring contract only gets more valuable as the season goes along, but teams have been really unwilling to play ball with GM Rob Pelinka, frequently lowballing the Lakers and trying to gauge the Lakers scant war chest for all of their remaining assets. At some point the Russ deal will get done, but to enter the season with a $44 million elephant in the room is ludicrous and delusional to think it will simply work out without some major compromise

  • Everyone Hates The Arena!
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    For the first time since opening in 1999, the Staples Center in Los Angeles changed names to the Arena as the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve. For a building rife with NBA history, which has hosted 9 of the past 22 NBA Finals (2020's NBA Finals was played in the Orlando Bubble), many Lakers fans are upset about the name change. 

  • Will Kyrie Irving's Anti-Vax Status Work Out For The Nets?
    Photo: Brooklyn Nets / Instagram

    When Kyrie came out as non-vaccinated at the beginning of the season, it spelled trouble for the Brooklyn Nets, due to New York's vaccine mandate at work. But now that he's back for away games only, it puts Brooklyn (currently 2nd place in the Eastern Conference) in a pickle re: to seeding strategy. Is Brooklyn better off playing for a lower seed? A lower seed would give the Nets more away games where Kyrie can play (compared to less with home games, if they were a higher seed).