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Adorable Pictures of NBA Players Caught Being Dads

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On the court and off, NBA player dads and their kids are bringing their A-game. And in this case, A is for adorable. No matter what team they play for during the season, there team that matters is the one cheering from the sidelines. And being a dad is their most important job.

NBA players who are dads, like Dwayne Wade and Steve Nash, have proven they know how to handle dribbling on the court and at the kitchen table, too. As you'll see from the pictures of NBA stars LeBron James and Amar'e Stoudemire, these basketball stars know how to steal a sideline kiss. And Donte Green's son has definitely mastered the lay-up, or rather a "lay-down."

You already know your favorite basketball stars are talented, but this list of NBA players and their kids prove they are also devoted dads. Vote up the cutest dad moments these NBA stars have been caught in.