Former NBA Players Currently Playing In China, Ranked

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Only former NBA players now playing in the Chinese Basketball Association

Whether they couldn't hang with the big boys or they simply sought a career elsewhere, it turns out there are quite a few former NBA players in China now. No, this isn't the result of another NBA lockout like that of 2011. As you'll see on the list below, some of the NBA stars who currently play in a league in China actually make sense, as their careers here in the US didn't pan out the way they had probably expected. Regardless of the reasoning, however, you'll find quite a few familiar NBA faces below. And while many of them weren't exactly the NBA's top scorers, they still prove they have the chops to be some of the best NBA players who played overseas.

Perhaps one of the best NBA players currently playing in China is Brandon Bass, who danced around various NBA teams for most of his career there—now playing for the Liaoning Flying Leopards. Other notable NBA players who've jumped ship and headed for China include Lance Stephenson, MarShon brooks, and Justin Hamilton, among others. 

Of all the NBA players who play in China these days, who do you think is best? Do you think they'll ever have a shot back in the NBA? Cast your votes for the top players below.

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