The Best NBA Players To Never Make An All-Star Game

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Who are the best NBA players to never make an NBA All Star Game? When it comes to the all-time NBA greats, they usually have one thing in common - NBA All Star Game appearances. But not every NBA player gets voted to the NBA All Star Game. Sometimes it's as simple as bad injury luck. Other years league-wide depth at a position keeps great players out of the contest. Who is the best NBA Player to never make an NBA All Star game? Which of these great NBA players do you think deserved a chance? 

Longtime Mavericks point guard Derek Harper is widely regarded as one of the best players to never have been selected to an All-Star game. NBA Champions Lamar Odom, Robert Horry, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, and Ron Harper all never made an All Star Game despite their championship pedigree. Cedric Maxwell is the only NBA Finals MVP (1981) to never appear in an All Star Game.

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