Which Mascot In March Madness This Year Is Your Favorite?

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Vote up the college basketball mascots who deserve to lead their teams to victory in the NCAA's biggest tournament of 2022.

March Madness is about mascots. If you think the NCAA Division I Tournament is about the best college basketball players going toe to toe, sorry, but you're wrong. Really wrong. True glory doesn't belong to the team that will win March Madness in 2022. It belongs to the mascots making it work off the court, acting as cartoonish hype-persons for foaming-at-the-mouth fans riled into competitive fervor by the colorful flailing and dramatics of dedicated mascots. College basketball is just an excuse for these bizarre figures to put on proper theatrics.

Many folks who are throwing down some money on March Madness don't follow stats; they put together their brackets based on which mascots make their hearts sing. That's what we're doing here, which means we're disregarding teams that don't have their own ridiculous characters, so the likes of the Indiana Hoosiers, Illinois Fighting Illini, and Michigan Wolverines don't appear.  But who cares? The real fun is all courtside, so vote up the mascots who make you want to hoot, holler, and generally get buckwild.