How A Sex Worker Stopped A Cross Country Serial Killer In A "Textbook Case"

Serial killers infamously target sex workers, so the tale of a sex worker who stopped a serial killer provides a much needed twist to a story where the killer usually gets away with it. When Neal Falls responded to sex worker Heather Saul's escort advertisement online, she naturally assumed the standard transaction would occur. But the moment he arrived, Falls revealed his intentions for Saul involved assault and violence. Thankfully, after a scuffle between the two, Heather Saul managed to stop Falls, and in doing so, stopped him from hurting anyone else in the future.

After the death of Neal Falls, authorities found evidence on Falls that implied he was likely involved in the death and disappearances of sex workers in many different states across the country. To this day, years after Falls's death, people are still investigating this dead man and the many crimes he probably committed.

  • Heather Fought Back And Managed To Grab Falls's Gun

    Heather Fought Back And Managed To Grab Falls's Gun
    Photo: KOIN 6

    Neal Falls came to Heather Saul's home under the false pretense of answering an ad she placed for escort services. When Falls arrived, he pulled a gun on Saul and forced his way inside. He began choking Saul, prompting her to fight back by grabbing a nearby rake. Falls made two mistakes at that moment that precipitated his demise - he put the gun down in front of Saul to grab the rake from her, and he left the safety off. Seeing her chance, Saul grabbed the pistol with one hand while fighting off Falls, who was behind her. Luckily for her, the safety was off as she instinctively pointed the gun behind her head with only one arm free and fired a round into Falls's head.

  • Falls Gave Saul A Choice: 'Rape Or Murder?'

    Falls Gave Saul A Choice: 'Rape Or Murder?'
    Photo: CBS Evening News / YouTube

    Falls gave Saul a choice when holding her at gunpoint: "I'm going to prison for a long time and it's your choice whether it's for rape or murder." Saul realized Falls had no intention of letting her live, and was simply toying with her. She listened to her instincts and began fighting back, perhaps catching Falls by surprise, judging from his folly in placing the gun within Saul's reach. After quickly firing a shot over her shoulder, Saul ran from her home to a neighbor's, where she called 911.

  • Police Found A Serial Killers Toolkit In Falls's Trunk

    Police Found A Serial Killers Toolkit In Falls's Trunk
    Photo: KOIN 6 / YouTube

    Though law enforcement suspected a serial killer was operating in the area at the time, they never connected any murders to Neal Falls, that is, until they saw what he had in his car. Police opened the trunk of Neal Falls's truck to find an assortment of tools and supplies needed for the dismemberment and disposal of bodies. The items found included handcuffs, long knives, a box cutter, two axes, a machete, a sledgehammer, a bulletproof vest, another gun, shovels, a rubber tub large enough for a body, bleach and other cleaning supplies. Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of detectives for the Charleston Police Department, said, "My first thought was 'This is a serial killer's kit.'"

  • Authorities Connected Falls To 10 Different Murders

    Authorities Connected Falls To 10 Different Murders
    Photo: KOIN 6 / YouTube

    When police saw the contents in Falls's trunk, they began looking into his past and quickly discovered a grisly trail of murdered women, some believed to be sex workers. Falls used to work as a security guard at the Hoover Dam, and police in nearby Henderson, NV began looking into links between him and four women, one missing while the other three turned up dismembered. Six more women from Ohio may also be victims of Falls, who were killed with the same modus operandi.   

  • Police Found A List Of Potential Victims In Falls's Pocket

    Authorities found a list containing the names of six more sex workers in Falls's pocket. Police believe Falls found all of them on Backpage and planned to murder them. With five targets located in West Virginia and one other in San Diego, CA, investigators believe Falls planned a cross-country killing spree targeting sex workers who posted online ads. Officers got ahold of the six women to inform them of their inclusion on a serial killer's hit list.

  • Falls Was Stopped By Police Days Before He Died

    Falls Was Stopped By Police Days Before He Died
    Photo: KOIN 6 / YouTube

    Police stopped Falls multiple times in the days leading up to his death, but could find no outstanding warrants or any probable cause to search his car. Bodycam footage captured Falls at one of these stops, where he appears unsure of his address or where he's going next. Though Falls clearly appeared to be acting strange in the eyes of law enforcement, it was not enough for them to charge him with anything.