15 People Reveal Their Near-Death Travel Experiences So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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The common saying "it's better to be safe than sorry" shouldn't be taken lightly, especially when you're traveling in unfamiliar territory. This collection of scary eye-opening stories that will make you more aware of situations that can lead to a fatal end. Read these near-death travel experiences and vote up the most useful advice.

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    Fell Down Mount Kilimanjaro

    From Redditor u/Illneverforgetthis:

    I once fell down Mount Kilimanjaro, but only after I'd got to the top. Our group was joking about having an mishap to save the walk down, I pretty much passed out on the way down and went head over heels, knocked myself out for a few hours. Conditions were too bad for a helicopter so I got stretchered all the way down. Needed stitches in my head but avoided any broken bones. My friend walking behind me when I fell said she feared the worst, and now whenever we see each other she looks so relieved that I'm ok!

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    Amost Launched Off A Cliff On A Ski Trip

    From Redditor u/WBLer:

    When I was about eight I was skiing in Colorado with my dad and uncle/cousins. We're taking it nice and easy down some big wide blue run with woods on both sides. A little ahead of me, my dad stops by a small opening in the woods to one side of the run. It's got a sign listing it as a double black diamond with a dangerous landscape/hazard warning. I thought this seemed fun (my cousin and I had taken skiing lessons since we were about four, and had completed numerous double diamonds before). Anyway, I zoom past my dad through the opening, not taking the time to stop and look ahead. When I make it through the trees, I see that it's a sharp downward slope of about twenty yards (composed entirely of moguls), followed immediately by a cliff dropping about 50 feet. Not like a steep run that scared me, a CLIFF that you were supposed to go around. So anyway, I'm already moving pretty well. I try to stop by turning my body and skis sideways like you're supposed to. Unfortunately, I was already in the moguls (which were huge for eight-year-old me). All the attempted stop did was bounce me off the mogul, further toward my end. I kept trying to stop, but in doing so I was effectively carving between the moguls, actually picking up speed. By the time I'm about ten feet from the drop off I'm flying towards the edge and can't stop. So I do the only thing I can: I eat it. I go down hard, lose both skis, and slide on my belly all the way to the edge of the cliff, where I finally came to a stop with my head actually dangling over the edge, looking down. I was fine. Very close to dying.

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    Avoided Perishing On The Scariest Road In The World

    From Redditor u/JustMeLurkingAround:

    I was traveling in the Philippines in Northern Luzon (that's the part always hit hard by typhoons). It was just the beginning of the rainy season.

    I was in Banaue and was planning to go up north to Sagada the next day, Saturday. The lonely planet writes about this route as "The scariest road in the world", it's a solid mountain on one side, and deep deep deep on the other. There was a bus scheduled in the morning and one in the afternoon.

    Everyone who knows me knows, that I'm not a morning person and if there is a later option, I'm definitely taking this one. On a whim the night before I decided to leave earlier and take the 8am bus. Super out of character for me and I'm still not sure why I did it.

    A few days later, on another bus, I chatted with this nice lady and she asked me what places in the Philippines I've been to so far. And she says "OMG have you heard about what happened to the bus on Saturday afternoon on the road from Banaue to Sagada?"

    So apparently the bus I planned to take came upon a mountain slide lost control and went down the side of the mountain. 10 people perished, no one survived.

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    Nearly Burst A Lung During A Dive In Mexico

    From Redditor u/Providang:

    Diving in Mexico, the weight belt slipped off unexpectedly at about 30 m. I started to shoot to the surface, so I grabbed onto the anchor chain, which promptly broke. I managed to hang onto the anchored end, whilst the boat and chain drifted swiftly away. The strong currents meant I was soon to be separated from everybody else on the dive, but luckily somebody navigated back with the weight belt. The whole time this was happening there was a huge male sea lion watching me. Bro never even tried to help.

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    Survived A Tsunami In Thailand

    From Redditor u/KaiHenderson_:

    Idk if it was a gut decision so much as just being knowledgeable and acting, but still I think it is a pretty wild experience.

    My family and I were on holiday in Thailand over the Christmas period years ago and were staying in a hotel close to the beach in Phuket. I was only 7 and my two brothers were even younger. We had been bugging my parents to go Jet-skiing for days on end, much to my parent's annoyance, but on boxing day they finally relented.

    After breakfast, we went down to the beach to have a look around for somewhere to find a jet ski rental but before any of that could happen my Dad (a surfer of many years) saw the tide receding in a way that was completely unnatural and recognized the coming tsunami. We thought he was full of it but he was deadly serious so we raced back to the hotel where we considered running for the hills but on the consultation of another couple that recognized the impending disaster, decided to sit tight in our building (which was relatively short and stout, plus we were on the top floor).

    Sure enough, the tsunami came and bulldozed Phuket, although it only wiped out the lobby of our building, we were safe. I have no doubt we all would have perished if my Dad hadn't known the early signs of a Tsunami. (We were also on Phi Phi Island a couple of days before that and if we had been there on Boxing Day instead we might well have perished too). Just an all-around wild experience that I'm lucky to have made it out of.

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    Nearly Fell Off A Fifty Foot Cliff In Colorado

    From a former Redditor:

    14 year old me went woods skiing unsupervised in Colorado. My buddy and I ended up nearly falling off a fifty foot cliff. I still get nightmares of trying to claw myself up the edge sometimes.

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