Graveyard Shift

15 Ghost Stories And Terrifying Tales That Prove Nebraska Is The Creepiest State

When people think about Nebraska, they probably conjure up images of corn, steak, football, and... that's about it. However, any Nebraskan will tell you that there's much more to their state than that. For one thing, the place is overflowing with urban legends. From ghost stories to ancient Native American legends, these creepy stories from Nebraska are sure to leave you more than a little unsettled to say the least. And, no, we're not talking about that one bunny legend you've probably heard of. We're talking about some long-standing, twisted tales - some of them based on facts.

One thing you have to decide as you delve into this Nebraskan-unknown is what sort of tale really gets to you? Are you more into witches, or a statue that predicts your death? Terrifying cannibals, or hauntings so intense you'll want to call a priest ASAP? No matter what your scare-of-choice may be, you'll probably find it here.

Let's take a look at some creepy Nebraska-tales that are more than a little ear-y. Oh shucks, we had to make one corny joke here (okay, two). This is about Nebraska, after all.

  • There's A Colony Of Albino Cannibals Living In Hummel Park
    Photo: catherinehaftings / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    There's A Colony Of Albino Cannibals Living In Hummel Park

    Let's start by just pointing out that Hummel Park is pretty damn terrifying. There are ghosts, an ancient Indian burial ground, cults, and it has been the site of so many grisly murders that it's surprising they actually built a park there. In fact, it's actually one of the most haunted parks in the United States.

    Probably the most bizarre and frightening legend at Hammel Park is one that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. Legend has it that there are, to this day, a group of albinos living together somewhere out in the trees, in a house, or on a farm within the park. In some versions of the legend, they actually live in the trees themselves. That wouldn't be too creepy except that they will supposedly attack and kidnap you, because they are cannibals who feed on the flesh of those who wander the park alone at night. Yes, you read that correctly: albino cannibals hiding in the trees will attack you and eat you. With a legend like that sulking about, it's a shock the park is still so popular!

  • The Hatchet House's Murderous Teacher
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    The Hatchet House's Murderous Teacher

    When you're young, some teachers can seem downright evil, but there was once a teacher in Nebraska who probably really was. The story tells that, one day in the early 1900s, an otherwise kindly school teacher at Portal School 22 finally snapped - she took up an axe and killed every last one of her students. She then cut out their hearts, went to a nearby bridge, and threw them over the edge. One legend says that she also cut off their heads and placed them inside each of their desks before finally killing herself.

    Now this school is often referred to as the "Hatchet House" and the bridge nearby is known as Heartbeat Bridge - if you listen carefully, you may still hear the beating hearts of the murdered school children.

  • The Legend Of Blackbird Hill Will Leave You Screaming
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    The Legend Of Blackbird Hill Will Leave You Screaming

    Just north of Decatur is a little place called Blackbird Hill. It's said that there was once a young woman who had been madly in love with a man, but he went to travel and never returned. Heartbroken, she married another man and moved with him to live on Blackbird Hill. One day, she was shocked to see her long-lost love walking up to her cabin. He had been shipwrecked while traveling and had only just managed to get back to the states. The two quickly realized that they still loved each other, and the woman pledged to leave her husband and to reunite with her lost love. 

    Her husband, however, wasn't too keen on this idea. And rather than lose her, the husband attacked her, grabbed her, and ran with her to a cliff at the top of the hill. The lover had just enough time to see his love and her husband falling over the side of the cliff to their deaths, with her shrieking all the way down. Now, no plants will grow along the path where the woman was carried, and it is said that, on October 17th in particular, you can still hear her final scream of agony as she plummets eternally from the cliff.

  • Wilderness Park Still Shows Evidence Of A Grisly Sabotage
    Photo: RLEVANS / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    Wilderness Park Still Shows Evidence Of A Grisly Sabotage

    This is another story that's based in horrifying truth. On August 10th, 1894, a train moved down the Rock Island railroad line, full of passengers and cargo. As it reached a trestle, the track suddenly seemed to crumble, and the train plummeted 40 feet down to the ground before being engulfed in fire. At least eleven people died, and many more were injured. That alone is pretty devastating, but it was quickly discovered that the rails had in fact been sabotaged. Spikes had been pulled out and a crowbar had been used, all with the intent of derailing the train. It was the largest mass murder Nebraska had ever seen, and while an arrest was made, no one ever found out who truly did it.

    The site is now home to Wilderness Park, and some say that you can still hear the wrenching scream of metal and the crash of the train echoing in the park at night. You may also hear yourself being followed by the footsteps of those who lost their lives in the horrible sabotage. And if you look, you'll find that many parts of the old railway still remain.