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11 Popular Depictions Of The Necronomicon, Lovecraft's 'Book Of The Dead'

Updated 31 Jul 2019 15.1k views11 items

Aside from Cthulhu, the Necronomicon is H.P. Lovecraft's most enduring creation. There are tons of books and movies featuring the Necronomicon aside from those created by Lovecraft and his contemporaries, as this mysterious book continues to captivate audiences. The fictional grimoire collects spells, rituals, and other arcana, and frequently shows up in connection with all kinds of spooky arts. From short cameos alongside other cursed objects to lengthy, plot-heavy storylines, the Necronomicon has transcended its literary roots to become a pop culture mainstay.

All depictions of the Necronomicon are different; some properties use it as more of a winking reference, while others use it to tie their universes directly into the Lovecraft mythos. This is part of the enduring legacy of the Necronomicon in popular culture, as each reference builds up its history and popularity even further. At this point, the fabled creepy book is a legend in its own right, living on through reference after reference and only growing in mystery with every mention.

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