Weird History

The Australian Robin Hood Survived A Shoot-Out With The Law In The Most Badass Way Imaginable

Ned Kelly was arguably the most notorious armored Australian bandit in history. Known as a “bushranger” - an outlaw in the Australian wilderness - Kelly was a feared, beloved, and notorious gunslinger who donned an iron suit to save himself during his final fight. This ingenuity catapulted Kelly into the realm of myth and legend.

Born in the colonial state of Victoria in 1855, Kelly came of age in an inequitable Australia where the poor scraped by while the rich flourished. He, like many of his fellow Australians, descended from British Isles convicts deported to Australia for petty crimes.

With limited opportunities, Kelly turned to life outside the law. He lived fast and hard, robbing banks with his gang and murdering policemen who got in the way. He quickly became a wanted man, especially after he ambushed police at Stringybark Creek in 1878.

How did Kelly die? After a colorful life of crime, Kelly reached a striking end. Indeed, his career as a bandit concluded in a dramatic shoot-out. But though his guns and suit of armor saved him during his last stand, he could not escape the noose - Kelly ultimately hanged for his crimes. He has since become one of the most infamous robbers in history.