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People Share The Most Devious Things They've Ever Done To Get Revenge On Their Neighbors

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Plenty of people have had bad neighbors in their lives, be they loud, unfriendly, nosy, or even just plain creepy. Maybe you yourself have even struggled with them and wished you could get payback. Well, these people actually did!

Here are some of the worst and wildest things people have done to get revenge on bad neighbors. So vote up the prank and payback stories you think were the most well-executed and deliciously devious!

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    Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

    Posted by a former Redditor:

    My family just had an interesting-fence related tiff with their neighbors.

    My parents owned an empty plot of land in between their house and their neighbors. Two-ish years ago, my parents house was struck by lightening and burnt down. When they rebuilt it, they built using both plots of land.

    One day after it was finished, the neighbor comes outside and is screaming at my mother about how our new fence is on his property. My father did not take kindly to this, so he had the city inspector come out and do a land survey.

    It turns out that not only was my parents' fence not on their neighbor's property, but also that my parents actually owned 48 inches of the property that his fence was covering.

    My father took it to a lawyer, it went to court, and eventually the old neighbor had to remove his fence from my family's property. We never would have even known that was our property if he hadn't been an a**hole. He also had to pay to have that portion of my parents' yard re-sodded and to have their fence extended to cover their entire property.

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    The Stench Of Justice

    Posted by u/MrDoodiePants:

    I had downstairs neighbors that were loud, threw parties, and were just plain d*cks. So I would wake up at 4 am on my days off, eat a box of Fiber One bars, and drink three cups of black coffee. Then, at 6 am, I would go to our guestroom and sit on the vent. I would fart for about an hour. You could hear the husband scream at his wife about the smell. I did this until I moved out.

    My wife thought it was childish, but you know what? I laughed.

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    Lights Out

    Posted by a former Redditor:

    A former friend of mine [had] people who blasted music and just didn't give a damn.

    One night, it was really rough. He had just brought his sick mother, who was diagnosed with with type 2 diabetes and who had seven strokes, home. They couldn't sleep because of the loud-*ss music. Man, he was furious.

    So he went to the fuse box of their apartment, found their apartment number, and shut it off. An extra dastardly thing was he broke the switch off with a plier wrench, so they couldn't come back and turn it on. Got a good month of silence, then they were evicted for noise complaints.

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    Return To Sender

    Posted by u/havoc3d:

    My neighbors have two awful, little dogs that they just let out into the neighborhood to roam around, and they seem to just love pooping in my yard. I talked to them a few times about not letting their dogs roam free in a city, but of course, f*ck me, right?

    The last straw was them rushing and barking at my two-year-old daughter playing in our yard. I love dogs, but if the little b*stards hadn't backed off when I ran at them...

    Anyway, I bought a pooper scooper, and about once a week collected all their dog's poo from my yard and dropped it on their welcome mat. Amazingly enough, after a few weeks, they got tethers to tie their dogs up to.

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