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Neighbors Movie Quotes

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Here are the best "Neighbors" movie quotes, bringing the laughs as one quiet family tries to deal with a fraternity house next door. The comedy film was written by Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O'Brien and directed by Nicholas Stoller and first premiered at SXSW in 2014 before a May 9, 2014, theatrical release.

In "Neighbors," Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) are enjoying life as new parents to their infant daughter in what appears to be a nice, quiet suburban neighborhood. This all changes when a rowdy fraternity moves in right next door. While Mac and Kelly try to play cool and introduce themselves to the guys, including Teddy (Zac Efron), Pete (Dave Franco) and others, it doesn't take long for the gloves to come off.

Kelly and Mac call the cops on the frat guys, after agreeing not to, and this sets of a war for the ages. Between loud parties, raunchy pranks and enough insults to kill a horse, the battle between the two sides rages on as the family and the frat fight for the neighborhood.

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    The Frat Broke Into the Car and Stole All the Airbags

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    Kelly: "I think the frat broke into the car and stole all the airbags."
    Mac: "That's so weird."
    Kelly: "Why would they just break in and steal the airbags? That doesn't…"
    Mac: "I don't know. We should follow a police report… Delta Psi has the upper hand."

    Kelly is surprised to see all of the airbags in her car missing. Mac too is surprised to find one of said airbags in his office chair.
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    Robert De Niro Party

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    Teddy: "We're throwing a Robert De Niro party. It should be pretty loud."
    Pete: "You called the cops. You violated the circle of trust, Focker."
    Mac: "Just go!"
    Pete: "You're upsetting Jinxy cat."

    Borrowing lines from various Robert De Niro movies, the frat guys warn Mac and Kelly of what is to come now that the war between them is on.
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    Claws Are Out!

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    Kelly: "This is our home!"
    Mac: "It's our home!"
    Kelly: "I'm a mama bear!"
    Mac: "Claws are out!"

    With frustration over the situation at a boiling point, Mac and Kelly plot how they will overcome it. They put their tough guy faces on and prepare for war.
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    Welcome to the Darkness

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    Teddy: "You guys just woke a sleeping giant. You have no idea what you just started. Welcome to the darkness, bitches."
    Mac: "A little dramatic"

    The gloves are off and Teddy warns Mac and Kelly of a war they've just started. Mac on the other hand thinks Teddy is being a little too dramatic.
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