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Neighbors Movie Quotes

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Here are the best "Neighbors" movie quotes, bringing the laughs as one quiet family tries to deal with a fraternity house next door. The comedy film was written by Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O'Brien and directed by Nicholas Stoller and first premiered at SXSW in 2014 before a May 9, 2014, theatrical release.

In "Neighbors," Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) are enjoying life as new parents to their infant daughter in what appears to be a nice, quiet suburban neighborhood. This all changes when a rowdy fraternity moves in right next door. While Mac and Kelly try to play cool and introduce themselves to the guys, including Teddy (Zac Efron), Pete (Dave Franco) and others, it doesn't take long for the gloves to come off.

Kelly and Mac call the cops on the frat guys, after agreeing not to, and this sets of a war for the ages. Between loud parties, raunchy pranks and enough insults to kill a horse, the battle between the two sides rages on as the family and the frat fight for the neighborhood.

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    Is That a Balloon?

    Mac: "What do you got there, sweetie? Is that a balloon? That's not a balloon! Oh, Jesus!"

    Doctor: "Her mouth is going to be a little numb from the lubricant. Other than that, you guys are free to go. Do you guys want the condom to take with you? I don't know if you guys still want to use it."

    Mac is disgusted to find his infant daughter chewing on a condom in the yard. He's equally not amused when the doctor wants to return the condom to them for use.
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    Call Me First, Don't Call the Cops

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    Teddy: "Make sure if we're too noisy, call me first, don't call the cops."
    Mac: "Okay"
    Kelly: "Okay"
    Teddy: "I'll go tell them to shhh."

    Kelly: "Call the cops!"
    Mac: "And them we'll seem so lame."
    Kelly: "Do it anonymously."
    Mac: "That's a good idea. They do our dirty work for us…. Oh no, he sold us out!"
    Police Officer: "You called about your neighbors?"
    Mac: "No"
    Police Officer: "We have caller ID. We're cops. Everybody has caller ID."

    After agreeing to Teddy that they won't call the cops, Kelly and Mac go back on their promise, but try to do so anonymously. Unfortunately, with the advances in caller ID technology, their plan doesn't go as designed.
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    Did You Bring the Pizza Into the Bed

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    Kelly: "Did you bring the pizza into the bed with us?"
    Mac: "I also brought some ranch dipping sauce."
    Kelly: "You're a genius."

    A long night of partying leads Mac to a genius discovery. He not only brought pizza to bed, but ranch dipping sauce too.
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    Keep It Down

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    Mac: "Look, new neighbors!"
    Kelly: "Wow!"
    Mac: "What do we got?"
    Kelly: "Is that a fraternity? We have to go over there and we have to be cool."
    Mac: "And we say, 'by the way, keep it down.'"
    Kelly: "Well, we don't say it like that, just like, 'keep it down.'"
    Mac: "What are you doing with this?"
    Kelly: "Keep it down."
    Mac: "Just don't, we've overworked it."

    Mac: "Just wanted to say, welcome to the hood."
    Kelly: "Yeah, welcome!"
    Mac: "Also, if you could maybe just, uh"
    Kelly: "Keep it down!"
    Mac: "Anyway…"
    When Mac and Kelly realize that their new neighbors are members of a raunchy fraternity, they are torn between acting cool and their desire for a nice, quiet neighborhood. Their attempt to be a little bit of both completely fails.
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