21 Films Neil deGrasse Tyson Loves (Or Really Hates)

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Films on which Tyson has voiced strong opinions, ranked from the worst science in Hollywood, to the best.

You’ve heard of America’s sweetheart and America’s pastime. Neil deGrasse Tyson is America’s astrophysicist. We love him not only because he is able to explain the most complicated matters of science in terms that the layman can easily understand, but he does so in a way that he is not speaking down to us. Tyson comes as our friend. He's just our pal who loves that we have an interest in science, and is anxious to share his vast knowledge.

So, it makes perfect sense that our buddy would analyze the science behind our favorite films. However, Tyson not only explains matters like zero-G and proper constellation configuration, he calls out the movies that get the science wrong. When it comes to science versus Hollywood, Tyson often serves as judge, jury, and executioner.

The hype surrounding Tyson’s disdain for the disregard of good science in movies reached a fever pitch back in October 2013, when the astrophysicist took to Twitter in a series of tweets that pointed out the several scientific errors in the Academy Award-winning film Gravity. The hilarious tweets went viral, and Alfonso Cuarón cringed.

But here’s the thing, Tyson loves the movies, especially big-budget science fiction films. He explains his passion for cinema, “I want science fiction films to stretch the talent and imagination of visual effects experts. And the film above all else should create a vision of the future we either know that we don’t want, or know that we do.”

Additionally, just because a movie gets some of the science wrong, it doesn’t mean that Tyson hates it. In fact, he likes Gravity, and he sort of regrets all the negative attention surrounding his tweets. However, every man has his limits, and Neil deGrasse Tyson will not stand for a film that makes no effort in getting the science correct.

This list ranks the films that the Cosmos host has commented on from a scientific standpoint. We start with the most egregious offenders, the movies that seemingly ignored science altogether, films like The Black Hole and Armageddon. Then, we work our way down the rankings to the films that Tyson not only loves, but appreciates because they actually get all (or most of) the science correct. 

Let us know if we missed any movies that you've heard Tyson speak about. Enjoy the list, there are some surprises on here. In fact, you won't believe which superhero movie Tyson calls his favorite!