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Neil Peart's Best Drum Moments in Rush Songs 

Will McCarthy
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List Rules Studio recordings only, no live sets.

On January 7, 2020, Neil Peart became the music world's first tragic loss of the decade. Thanks to his intricate solos and rapid-fire rhythmic arrangements, the 67-year-old Rush drummer was regarded as one of his crafts most groundbreaking masters. Sitting center stage in a rig with countless percussive pieces, Peart dominated the stage with the fortitude of a frontman in a way that few, if any, drummers have before or since.

Arguably, the Canadian auteur's the most impressive talent wasn't his earth-shattering solos, but rather, lied in his unprecedented abilities to coordinate the tightest, most meticulous jam sessions with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Both live and in the studio, it was common to hear simultaneous guitar, bass, and drum cadenzas, all executed in perfect sync. 

In honor of Peart's epic legacy, we've selected a collection of some his best drum solos, fills, and rhythmic arrangements from across the Rush oeuvre. This list is by no means a comprehensive one, so please feel free to add any of Peart's preeminent studio recordings which you feel we may have missed. 


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Album: Moving Pictures

Released: 1981

Peart highlight: 2:15-2:45

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Tom Sawyer

Album: Moving Pictures

Released: 1981

Peart highlight: Whole song

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2112: Overture

Album: 2112

Released: 1976

Peart highlight: Whole song

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Album: Signals

Released: 1982

Peart highlight: 2:12-3:15

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Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

Album: Hemispheres

Released: 1978

Peart highlight: Whole song

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By-Tor and the Snow Dog

Album: Fly By Night

Released: 1975

Peart highlight: 2:20-2:50

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Album: A Farewell to Kings

Released: 1977

Peart highlight: Whole song

Ranker Video
Mystic Rhythms

Album: Power Windows

Released: 1985

Peart highlight: Intro

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Lakeside Park

Album: Caress of Steel

Released: 1975

Peart highlight: Intro

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Malignant Narcissism

Album: Snakes and Arrows

Released: 2007

Peart Highlight: Whole song