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The Greatest Westerns That Don't Take Place In The Old West

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They don't make Westerns like they used to. Much like the Wild West itself, the production of Western movies has largely faded away since the genre's golden age, which lasted from the 1940s through the 1960s. However, that doesn't mean Western films stopped being made once Monument Valley stopped being the location du jour.

The tradition of the Western continued to live on - and does so to this day. The spirit of the West was simply transplanted to small 20th-century towns, the Australian wilderness, Iranian ghost towns, and even post-apocalyptic wastelands. These films take instantly recognizable elements of Old West movies and simply take them out of the West, often blending them with other genres and settings no 19th-century cowboy would ever recognize. Some of the best "Westerns" in this vein don't take place in the West at all. The genre has proven just as malleable from a temporal standpoint, with Westerns popping up in every era, including those yet to come.

These are a handful of the greatest Western movies that left the Old West behind.