Neon Eyelids Are The Newest Trend Lighting Up Instagram

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If you're a fan of bold looks and glittery cosmetics, then you've got to take a look at Instagram's neon eyelid makeup trend. This new look takes several forms, but one of the most popular looks involves highlighting a classic smoky eye with a touch of neon-colored liner. If you're not into mixing and matching, why not try a dash of neon in place of your usual black liner? It's an easy way to add some instant cool to your daily eye makeup.

This bright eye makeup is easy to try for yourself – just grab some colorful products like your favorite eyeshadow palettes and get tracing. Whether you're into intricate, multi-colored looks or are just looking for a simple way to make your eyes pop like never before, these neon makeup trends are sure to get your creative gears turning. Vote up your favorite looks, and get ready to glam up your eyelids.