models This Mom Mocks Her Model Brother By Having Her Kid Recreate His Looks  

Mick Jacobs
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Model and actor Aristotle Polites, like any other Instagram model, posts endless pictures of himself looking ridiculously handsome and charming, providing his sister ammunition to mock him with. Polites's sister created another account, called BabyAndTheBody, where she takes photos of her young son impersonating Aristotle. On the page, her son, Augie, recreates Aristotle's looks and poses, albeit in a body that's one-fourth Aristotle's size. For every shirtless pic of Aristotle posing in his underwear, his sister compares it to a photo of Augie in his diaper. Like babies with the faces of middle-aged men, the results are nothing short of hilarious.

By dressing her kid up as her model brother, this mom pokes fun at the trope of the Insta-model, the person who does everything at 100% with at least 50% of the clothes missing. Augie recreating pictures to look like Aristotle does make the model look a bit outrageous, but in a light-hearted way. Augie's mom found a hilarious way to troll her brother, and maybe even an early route into turning her own son into a star sometime down the line.

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Good In The Hood


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Beach-Side Boys


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Heroes Come In All Sizes


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Red, The Color Of Confidence


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