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25 Pretty Good Nerd Jokes

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Everyone loves a good smarty-pants joke, unless you’re a dum-dum - and if that’s the case, then start steppin’! Or start Googling to understand these nerd jokes. Then you can at least feel like you’re in on the giggles. The common misconception about nerds of all kinds is that they’re joyless blowhards who don’t know how to have a good time. Well, after reading these jokes, we’re pretty sure that fallacy’s going to fly straight out the window. Whether you’re an English major or a math geek, we’ve got nerdy jokes for you to wow at any cocktail party or family dinner. That’s right, you can be KING OF THE NERDS with any of these hilarious jokes.

Those with pun allergies, beware: the nerdy jokes on this list aren’t just funny; they’re punny. The funny nerd jokes on this list cover all your comedy bases: puns, knock knock jokes, and references to Descartes. Everyone knows you don't have a full joke arsenal until you’re making references to dead philosophers. Memorize your favorite nerd humor on this list, and try them out at your next chess club meeting or D&D game night. Then, have your pals vote on their favorite nerd joke, and leave us a comment if you think you’ve got one we haven’t heard. There’s nothing we love more than a good laugh.