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15 Movies Only Total Nerds Would Suggest For Date Night

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Choosing a movie for date night is hard enough as it is, but it's especially difficult for true nerds. They don't want a film that too strongly emphasizes their nerdiness, but at the same time, they want to enjoy the occasion. So, do they pick a classic movie and come across as fairly normal? Or do they lean into nerd culture?

Whatever they choose probably says more about them than they realize. After all, it takes a special type of person to suggest cuddling up with Primer - though the right partner would appreciate the thought.

  • Why This Movie Is Deeply Nerdy: Besides the title, this film was the first to ever showcase a major CGI character - in this case, the dragon. It's a medieval romp featuring knights, maidens, and mythical creatures, and receives bonus nerd points for being directed by the guy who created the Fast and the Furious franchise. 

    What This Movie Says About Your Date: Your date not only has seven different epic level Dungeons and Dragons characters, they also spend their weekends live-action-role-playing at the park. They'll almost definitely spend the night referring to you as "milady," no matter your gender.

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  • Why This Movie Is Deeply Nerdy: Unbreakable is a superhero movie for people who don't like modern superhero movies. Written and directed by nerd king M. Night Shyamalan, the film is less about intense fight scenes and more about legitimately surprising plot twists and poignant moments.

    What This Movie Says About Your Date: They're definitely one of those snobs who favor the recent DC movies. Sure, DC flicks may not be as consistently enjoyable as the Marvel films, but at least they try to say something. To your nerd date, Marvel movies are commercial trash, while the darker DC films push artistic boundaries by focusing on the angst of heroism. 

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  • Why This Movie Is Deeply Nerdy: Though the film was poorly received, Dune boasts all the major trappings of a nerd classic. It's based on a superior sci-fi novel, it tells an epic tale of warring families on a distant planet, and it's directed by artistic visionary David Lynch. Plus, Sting's character wears a metallic loincloth. Clearly, this film wasn't meant for the mainstream.

    What This Movie Says About Your Date: By picking this film, your date admits to choosing things that are inherently nerdy rather than truly enjoyable. They know the film is bad, but they'd rather have a mediocre sci-film than an excellent rom-com.

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  • Spaceballs
    Photo: MGM

    Why This Movie Is Deeply Nerdy: It's a film mocking nerdy space films. Spaceballs makes no sense unless you've seen Star Wars and Star Trek and are deeply familiar with the plots and tropes of those series. Spaceballs is mostly goofy and innocuous, but it primarily appeals to nerds willing to poke fun at their favorite franchises.

    What This Movie Says About Your Date: Though they may be an unapologetic nerd, your date is not bogged down by the sort of toxic fandom that's so rampant these days. They love Star Wars to death, but know the films aren't perfect. Their personal feelings about the movies don't need to lead to actual online harassment.

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