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Nicolas Cage Is Exactly Who You Would Be If You Were Super-Rich

Nicolas Cage is something of an enigma. You've probably heard at least a few weird stories about Cage, like how he bought himself a pyramid for his eventual burial, or a pet octopus to help with his acting. He is a strange man, but has no qualms about telling the truth about his eccentricities, especially when it comes to all things nerdy.

Not only has he bought a lot of expensive and bizarre stuff, but Cage has also lived a life every comic book nerd wishes they could live. He's played multiple superheroes, lived in a haunted mansion, and owned several of the most expensive comic books in the world. Some of Cage's geekiest possessions and actions may seem a little over-the-top, but who among us wouldn't act the same way if money were no object?

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    His Son Is Basically An Amalgam Comics Character

    Cage has two sons, but only his youngest has a name worthy of a '90s Amalgam Comics character. If you managed to forget this nightmare, Amalgam Comics was an imprint shared by Marvel and DC where the characters from each brand combined to create characters like Dark Claw (Wolverine and Batman) and Super Soldier (Captain America and Superman).

    It was a rough time in the comics industry, but what's bad for comic books isn't necessarily bad for real life. When Cage welcomed his second child in 2005, he and his wife named the boy Kal-El Coppola Cage. Kal-El is Superman's Kryptonian name, while the Marvel character Luke Cage inspired both the actor's stage name and son's name.

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    He Sold His Comic Book Collection For $1.6 Million

    After he announced his impending marriage to Lisa Marie Presley in 2002, Cage put his entire comic book collection up for auction. The sale of his 400 Golden Age comics took place at the Dallas Comic-Con that year, netting the actor a king's ransom.

    He sold an issue of Action Comics #1 for $86,250, which was $15,000 more than its worth at the time, as well as a copy of Detective Comics #38 for close to $132,250. The entire auction made $1.6 million.

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    Someone Stole A Rare Comic From Him, And When It Was Found 11 Years Later, He Sold It

    Cage's comic collection is like a living, breathing organism; it ebbs and flows with the actor's obsessions. But there's one notable comic absent from his previous collection: Action Comics #1. The actor paid $150,000 for the comic in 1997, and three years later, he discovered it missing after a series of parties at his Los Angeles home.

    Cage assumed a partygoer stole the rare comic from a locked, bulletproof case. Nearly 11 years after Cage reported the theft, it wound up in a storage unit owned by Silvestre Lozano. The original detective who searched for the comic in 2000 set up a sting operation and retrieved the stolen issue. After Cage got the comic back, he sold it for $2,161,000.

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    He's A Model Train Enthusiast

    When Cage tried to sell his Bel-Air mansion, described as a "frat bordello," in 2010, realtors and tabloids alike discovered his obsession with model trains. The listing for the home noted the breakfast room featured "model train sets on raised tracks a couple [of] feet below the ceiling," which "circled through the inside of the breakfast room and two bedrooms."

    Previously, Dean Martin and Tom Jones owned the house, but Cage outfitted the abode with model trains. The house didn't sell for the $35 million Cage hoped to get - probably because it would have taken a lot of work to remove all those trains. But why would you want to?