This Nerdy Artist Makes Comics Every Modern Woman Will Relate To (10+ Comics)

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Funny webcomics make the world go round, especially nerdy webcomics about life (even more especially when anthropomorphized organs are involved). Art by Moga offers all that goodness and then some. Meg Quinn is an exceedingly skilled comics and story artist out of the Pacific Northwest (which explains her many depictions of a bundled cocoa drinker inside a rain flecked window) with the added bonus of being hilarious. So it is that her nerdy art about a woman just living her life the happiest way she can is easy to get lost in. 

Quinn has hundreds of entries on her site, as well as her Instagram and Etsy pages. The proliferation is all the more impressive given how frequently her jokes kill. Here are a bunch of hilariously adorkable pieces of Art by Moga. After devouring these, go check out the rest of her work.