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26 Amazing Nerdy Cakes That Are Too Geeky to Eat

Remember when you were a kid and half the fun of getting to pick out your own birthday cake was in deciding which of your favorite cartoons or super heroes to feature in its décor? Well, if a tiny part of you groans every time you give up and just buy a super boring “adult” cake for an event, then you’ve totally come to the right place. Here you’ll find a collection of cool nerd cakes custom made for people who absolutely refuse, under any circumstances, to grow up. 

Here you’ll find cakes for nerds who are sick of benching their favorite video game characters every time they pick out a cake for a major life event. This assemblage of photos has nerdy cakes featuring everything from Hogwarts to Dr. Who, and geeky cakes for everyone from the Apple fanboy to those who speak math like it's a second language.

So if you’re sick of generic cakes that will be remembered by absolutely no one, come on in. Here you’ll find pastries featuring all your favorite action heroes who are here to support you as you shamelessly let your freak flag fly!