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15 "Nerdy" Facts We Learned Last Week

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The internet is an amazing place where people go to share and learn strange facts about all manner of things. One of the best places to find these types of facts is the Today I Learned subreddit. Whatever facts happen to be of interest to someone tend to blow up on the page. This is especially true whenever they are the nerdiest and most fascinating, which means they can range from animals to space or movies and television and all things in between.

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    Planting Apple Seeds Doesn't Result In A Tree That Produces The Same Type Of Apple

    From Redditor u/Alolan_Teddiursa:

    Apples are not ‘true to seed,’ so the seeds from any particular variety apple will not grow to be the same variety as the apple tree they came from. E.g. If you planted seeds of Granny Smith it likely will produce a wide variety of different and unknown apple tree types.

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    The Manhattan Project Was A Secret To The People Working On It

    From Redditor u/derstherower:

    The details of the Manhattan Project were so secret that many workers had no idea why they did their jobs. A laundrywoman had a dedicated duty to "hold up an instrument and listen for a clicking noise" without knowing why. It was a Geiger counter testing the radiation levels of uniforms.

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    It Violates The Geneva Conventions To Attack A Parachuting Pilot

    From Redditor u/Juslav:

    According to the convention of Geneva, an ejected pilot in the air is not a combatant, and therefore attacking him is a war crime.

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    Lincoln's Blockade Of Confederate Cotton Led To A Famine In England

    From Redditor u/wjbc:

    President Lincoln’s blockade of Confederate cotton caused famine in English mill towns. Suffering Manchester workers nevertheless sent a letter of support to Lincoln and he responded with thanks and a gift of food. A statue of Lincoln in Manchester displays excerpts from both letters.

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