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15 "Nerdy" Facts We Learned Last Week (Thanks To Fans)

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The internet is an amazing place where people go to share and learn strange facts about all manner of things. One of the best places to find these types of facts is the Today I Learned subreddit. Whatever facts happen to be of interest to someone tend to blow up on the page. This is especially true whenever they are the nerdiest and most fascinating, which means they can range from animals to space or movies and television and all things in between.

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    Ben & Jerry's Owes Its Success To The Cost Of Bagel Machines

    From Redditor u/suzukigun4life:

    In 1977, Ben Cohen was a struggling potter & Jerry Greenfield was getting rejected by medical schools. The pair decided to open a bagel shop, but the cost of bagel machines was too high. As a result, they enrolled in a $5 ice cream making course instead. A year later, they created Ben & Jerry's.

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    A Defunct Company's Stock Soared When People Mistook It For Twitter

    From Redditor u/SchuminWeb:

    A company called Tweeter had the most active stock trading day in its history five years after it went out of business, after traders mistook their stock for that of Twitter, causing the price of the defunct company's shares to rise 1,000%.

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    One Foley Artist Was So Successful, The Profession Is Literally Named After Him

    From Redditor u/sur0g:

    Jack Foley was so successful in the art of creating sounds for movies that he gave a name to the whole new profession: a foley artist. They specialize in creating sounds that are hard to record during filming.

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    There Are Multiple Reasons Why So Many Early Disney Characters Wear White Gloves

    From Redditor u/BeardedScreechOwl:

    The main reason why Mickey, Donald, Pinocchio, and other early Disney characters wear gloves is that it was easier to animate them. Walt Disney told his biographer that the gloves also exist for another reason: “We didn’t want him to have mouse hands because he was supposed to be more human.”

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