The Most Transformative "Nerdy Girl" Makeovers from Movies

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From Josie Grossie to Laney Boggs, these nerdy girl transformations from movies will live on in pop culture history forever. Who can forget when Julie Andrews (as Grandma Renaldi) took Mia under her wing and transformed her geeky, klutzy granddaughter into a swan who we could suddenly envision on the throne? Or when Julia Roberts captured the nation with the transformation of her hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold to elegant lady?

From Eliza Doolittle's makeover in My Fair Lady (arguably the girl who started it all), to Sandy's sultry turn in Grease, this list covers all of the on-screen triumphs and failures. From transformations that make us shake our heads - like when Allison from The Breakfast Club left her quirky self behind - to makeovers that made our hearts swell (looking at you, Toula Portokalos), this list has it all.

A lot of these transformations seem to follow a common pattern -- frizzy, unkempt hair becomes sleek and styled, glasses are switched out in favor of contacts, makeup is applied (or intensified), and outfits are drastically swapped. The best, most successful makeovers happen when the character's personality remains intact throughout the transformation. Look for the familiar patterns and rank your favorite makeovers in teen movies. May the best one win!