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24 Geeky Knuckle Tattoos That Prove Nerds Can Get Tough Too

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Knuckle tattoos used to be reserved for bikers, inmates, and gang members as a symbol of aggression that screamed, "stay the hell away from me." Nowadays, you see them on raised hands on liberal college campuses and passing you your pumpkin spice latte. Knuckle tattoos have actually gotten so popular that they've finally spilled over into nerd culture. As geek culture moves into mainstream consciousness, it stands to reason geek-dom would adopt mainstream trends into its own subculture, leading to these instances of these nerdy knuckle tattoos.

Some of the ink remains relatively simple, with NERD and GEEK thrown upon fingers with unwavering pride. Others get more subtle, relying on the symbolism of a red and white mushroom or yellow star with pupils to establish themselves as true-blue geeks. The lines are being blurred these days. Gamers used to be solely defined as skinny, pale boys with glasses, but today they come in all sizes, colors, shapes, and - gasp! - genders. Nerds can be tough too - and here's the proof! Praise be unto a world where nerds may loudly and proudly share their status upon their selves!

From video game knuckle tattoos to pop culture knuckle tattoos, check out these great examples of dorky ink that nerds everywhere are sporting these days.

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    In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Photo: Nerdist
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    The Gang's All Here

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    Teenage Mutant Knuckle Turtles

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    Mushroom Kingdom 4 Life

    Photo: claudiocamilucci / Instagram
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