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20 Netflix Adaptation Memes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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Unfortunately, as much as Netflix wins, it also loses. To make the losses a little less hard to bear, people started creating Netflix adaptation memes. These memes "compare" the manga and anime versions of a series to the Netflix adaptation, which usually feels below average at best. Unlike funny Netflix subtitles, these memes actually happen to be intentional jokes and might just influence you to keep your subscription a little longer.

These memes about Netflix adaptations fail to fix the entire problem Netflix faces, but it certainly makes us, the viewers, feel at least something good came out of Netflix's worst content.

  • 1. Wait, Where Did They Go?

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  • 2. Hey, It's That Goku Guy!

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  • 3. Low-Brow Logan

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  • 4. Role Reversal

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