18 Lies You Tell When You Netflix-Cheat On Your Significant Other

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These are the cunning lies that you tell the people you love, done out of love and a lack of self-control. You’re an addict and a mess. Being able to stream damn near anything you’ve ever wanted to see at the drop of a hat, entire seasons of television coming out all at once, and the sheer amount of Seinfeld episodes you could go back and watch right now, have made you into a person who makes bad decisions. Impulsive, self-destructive decisions that hurt the people you love, but most importantly, the people you promise to watch certain television shows or movies with. It is TV 90% of the time, but it is possible to Netflix-cheat with movies (and Hulu, Apple TV or other streaming services, Netflix is just the “Kleenex” of the streaming services for now.)

The love shared between you and your significant other when watching a show “together” is directly proportional to how disgusting it is when you betray their trust and finish an entire season of Sherlock without them. But everyone has done it at least once. It’s a ruse that takes some finesse and some actual spy-level covering of your tracks, but it is something that everyone can get through. Lying about watching Netflix without your boyfriend or girlfriend is no easy task. Keep in mind this list of streaming-service-infidelities isn’t about repeating your offense but rather a cathartic collection of the troublesome feelings that come with "Netflix and cheating." 

But if you don’t love them, then this is probably really easy and you feel nothing and you do this to them all the time. If that’s the case, get off their HBO Go account.

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    When They Ask If You Want To Watch The Most Recent Episode And Guilty Dread Seeps In

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    You Intentionally Overreact To Plot Twists You Already Knew About

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    You Recall The Time They Also Watched Ahead Of You

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    Your Patience Wears Thin When You Have To Watch A Boring Episode A Second Time And Can't Say Anything

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    You "Rewatch" After Finishing To Make Sure The Episode Starts At The Beginning And Not Mid-Credits

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    You Distract Them From Looking At "Recently Watched"