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The Best Marvel Easter Eggs in Netflix's Daredevil

Marvel consistently creates some of the biggest and most entertaining movies in theaters and now they've decided to take over television as well. With Daredevil they entered the small screen landscape with 13 hour-long episodes introducing us to The Man Without Fear! They'll follow this up with AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and an eventual team all of these heroes in The Defenders!  

In addition to being some of the best storytellers around, they're also incredible at laying little Easter eggs for the hardcore fans. Sometimes these Easter eggs and hidden features are just great little nods to the comics, but sometimes they're a hint at things to come. With Daredevil, Netflix and Marvel certainly don't disappoint on the hidden Easter egg front. Be it a small piece of dialogue, a nod to a character's comic wardrobe, or a sign hidden in the background, DD is chock-full of sneaky comics goodness. 

Below we've gathered the very best Easter eggs in the Daredevil TV show on Netflix. Vote up your favorite Daredevil Easter eggs below, and head over to the comments section to let us know if you spotted any others! You can also check out our list of other great shows like Daredevil.

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    Stan Lee DID Make a Cameo!

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    Sure, we were all looking for Stan Lee to pop up at some point - this is the Marvel Universe after all. However, he never seemed to. But wait! Who's that highly decorated officer out of focus during a hugely important scene in the finale? Yup, Officer Stan the Man Lee!
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    A Nod to Frank Miller's "The Man Without Fear"

    Not only is the black suit Daredevil wears for 12 out of the 13 episodes hugely influenced by the "The Man Without Fear "storyline (the flashback to DD's first outing features another interpretation of the suit - both are fantastic), but the fact that he DOESN'T wear the iconic red until the last episode is a nod to Frank Miller's arc as well, as he doesn't don that costume until the final issue.
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    Avengers Tower Motion Poster

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Though it didn't pop up in the actual show (to our knowledge) Avengers Tower popped up briefly in the Daredevil motion poster, showing what kind of shared universe we'd be living in.
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    Photo: flickr / CC0
    In a flashback between Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock, Foggy mentions a “Greek girl” who Matt Murdock tried to win over. This is an obvious reference to Elektra Natchios, the love of Matt’s life, who fled from Columbia University after the death of her father to become an assassin and enact her revenge. 

    Their relationship “didn’t work out,” but now we know she exists in the Netflix DD Universe.

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