The Best Movies From Each 'Secret Menu' Horror Category On Netflix

There are several secret Netflix facts and hacks for getting the most out of your streaming subscription every month, including a hidden menu to help with buffering and a way to change the appearance of subtitles. While these are helpful hacks, the Netflix secret menu of horror films is probably the best tip for freaky film fiends.

The covert menus take the already specific Netflix categories and slim them down further, creating detailed categories like "Deep Sea Horror" and "Werewolf" horror movies.

To access these categories, paste "" into a browser window, then replace the "###" with the code provided for each movie.

  • Supernatural Horror Movies - 42023

    These horror movies all have one thing in common: mysterious and unknown forces working against the heroes. From demons to ghosts to vampires, these supernatural movies will have you wondering if that strange noise is your imagination or something more sinister and volatile. 

    Category Standouts:

  • Cult Horror Movies - 10944

    The movies in this category didn't make a splash at the box office, but they built a strong following after their release on home formats. These movies have stood the test of time; horror fans everywhere continue to consider these favorites. 

    Category Standouts:

  • Sci-Fi Horror Movies - 1694

    If you fear aliens, apocalyptic futures, or bloody mazes with high-tech tricks, this is the category for you. Combining the supernatural with uncontrollable technology is a match made in heaven - or hell.

    Category Standouts:

  • Anime Horror Movies - 10695

    Anime can stretch the limits of horror and do things most spooky live-action films cannot. These animated flicks may have more gore or violence than other scary movies, making them terrifying on a whole different level.

    Category Standouts:

  • B-Horror Movies - 8195

    B-Horror is the low-budget, sometimes poorly acted brother of cult horror. These films usually work on a modest budget outside of the big studio system; there are no expectations of box office gold - but not in an art-house kind of way. 

    Category Standouts:

  • Horror Comedy - 89585

    Laugh a little, get a little grossed out, and see the humor in horrifying situations with these flicks. These movies have murderous misunderstandings, dark humor, and irreverent characters who will stay with viewers after the credits roll.

    Category Standouts: