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Wardrobe Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of 'The Witcher'

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Some fans watched The Witcher Netflix series hoping that the costume designer would be fired. For fans of the video game, specifically, the costumes in the series fell short of their expectations. Many can't even look at the Nilfgaardian armor without getting angry. 

However, The Witcher costume designer had a particular purpose in mind when creating his designs. While the video game has certainly earned plenty of acclaim, the Netflix series wanted to stay true to the original source material - a book series by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. By rounding out the characters and embracing Sapkowski's original idea, the new series created an engaging show that's nothing like the games. However, that desire for something new also extended to the costumes. 

While some ensembles wowed the audience and others fell flat, all have a story behind them. Take a look below at a few wardrobe secrets from behind the scenes of The Witcher, then go find more great costumes and design in other shows like The Witcher

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    Cavill Needed A Steady Flow Of Replacement Clothes To Accommodate His Muscles

    Although Henry Cavill was closely involved in the design of his costume and props, his physique presented challenges for costume designer Tim Aslam.

    According to Aslam, Cavill's muscles were so big that they wore down the leather in his outfit at an impossible rate. To keep Geralt looking fresh and put together, the costume team had to continuously produce replacement outfits for Cavill. The final look in the Netflix series was the result of many, many costumes changed out to accommodate his muscles.

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    Practicality Was Of The Utmost Importance To The Costume Designer

    While The Witcher production team wanted the outfits to look good onscreen, practicality was the more important concern. They wanted the costumes to look and feel authentic, as if the characters could actually fight monsters and perform magic while wearing them. While the idea sounds noble, it stemmed from the fact that they simply wanted everyone on set to be able to move in their costume. Writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich explained: 

    We had to make sure we could have something that stayed true to the books but [was] also very practical. We have something that books and video games don’t have - actual actors who have to wear these things and perform in them on a daily basis.

    Many of the costumes were made to be lived in. Rather than constricting materials that make it difficult to move, the designers sought to combine comfort and style to create outfits that felt both magical and realistic at the same time. 

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    Geralt's Armor Proved To Be One Of the Trickiest Designs To Pull Off

    Although the Netflix series received some criticism for its costume choices, Aslam explained that putting together Geralt's look was the most challenging element of the series. While discussing Geralt's armor, he said: 

    I think the hardest costume to design was Geralt’s costume. Expectations about Geralt’s appearance due to the games were quite high. Also, there was a certain image in the minds of those who read the books about how Geralt should look.

    The challenge was to design a convincing armor for Geralt. The armor had to give Geralt a tough and dangerous look, but also allow Henry to move freely with his highly structured body and to perform the complex physical movements required by the series. I’ve been forced to keep this balance.

    Although Geralt's outfit posed its problems, Aslam eventually came up with a workable design that stayed true to the character and the actor who played him. 

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    The Nilfgaardian Armor Was The Second Most Challenging Design

    While Geralt's armor was undoubtedly the most difficult to create, the Nilfgaardian armor presented its own challenges. When discussing the much-criticized look Aslam said

    After Geralt, I think the most challenging armor is the Nilfgaardian armor. It was supposed to be threatening and strange. This armor is actually described as a black armor with a sun motif on it. It would have been easy to turn it into any medieval or Renaissance armor. But I thought it would not be enough to express the dark and scary power of the Nilfgaardian army.

    While Aslam wanted to evoke a certain feeling with the armor, he also explained that the fellow members of his production team wanted him to create something that had never been done before. He explained

    It needs to be something never seen before, which in terms of armor is not an easy call. Armor’s been around since three, four thousand years ago in various forms and just about everything has been seen before. But the thing is with the Nilfgaardian armor had to be something weird.

    All these directives led to his final design, which unfortunately disappointed some fans of the show.