Reasons You Should Never Cut Your Dog's Tail Or Ears

To cut or not to clip a dog's ears and tail: This has become a hot-button issue in recent years. Proponents have listed reasons why such trimming is necessary, while opponents advocate against it. Though historically seen as a way to prevent injuries and diseases, such as rabies, docking (the act of removing most of a dog's tail) and cropping (clipping the floppy parts of its ears) have become contentious modern debates. As harsh as it might seem, many still practice this canine cosmetic surgery and have adamant reasons for it.

Why do people cut their dogs' ears or tails? Experts suggest the procedures are not essential for the dogs' well-being. Docking and cropping may even do more harm than good. Every pet parent should take a moment to deliberate this issue before making a decision. Your dog's health and happiness depend on it.