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Harry Potter Fans Share Neville Longbottom Details We Hadn't Thought About

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Harry Potter will always be in our hearts, especially those beloved characters that we hold so dear. Neville Longbottom will forever be one of our favorite Gryffindors; he showed us that loyalty and love will always prevail. Neville had so many incredible moments throughout the series, and fans still have a lot to say about all the interesting details that we're still discovering.

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    Neville Truly Was A Chosen One

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    Neville Does Not Get Enough Recognition For Being Such A Good Friend

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    Neville Struggled So Much Because Of His Wand

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    From Redditor u/kiediskisses:

    TL/DR: Neville is actually an accomplished wizard, but struggles because he didn’t have his own wand and lacked confidence.

    So I was rereading the OoP and noticed that when they're in the Ministry, Neville says “Gran’s going to kill me, that was my Dad’s wand”. This made me wonder about when Harry has to use Draco’s wand in the DH and how, even though the wand’s allegiance is to him, it is slightly more difficult to perform spells and his magical performance is effected. If Neville was using his father’s wand, not alleged to him, it must have been even more difficult. This perhaps explains why Neville struggled so much in Charms and Transfiguration, which were wand based, excelling at Herbology instead.

    After Neville gets a new wand, his magical performance is greatly improved, indicating that having his own wand allowed him to properly show his magical abilities. His confidence grows after his involvement with the DA and their victory at the MoM at the end of the OP makes his Gran proud, finally allowing him to shed her expectations and establish himself as a wizard.

    I hope this is makes sense because I always felt sorry for the pressure on Neville to fulfill his parents legacy, and I think this may be why he was thought to have been a squib, or just lacking in magical talent.

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    Peter Walked So Neville Could Run

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