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18 Neville Longbottom Memes That Prove He's Actually The Chosen One

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Neville Longbottom truly has one of the best character arcs in history. He starts out as a painfully awkward kid who always seems to be the butt of a joke, to a strong man who isn't afraid to stand up to Voldemort. Not only did he stand up to him, he killed Nagini (who was the last Horcrux) making it possible for the Dark Lord to die. Basically without Neville, Harry Potter never stood a chance. We think it's long overdue that Neville get the proper respect he deserves. These are the best Neville Longbottom memes we could find. 

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    Top Of The Class

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    The World Is Never Fair

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    A True Legend

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    It's Easier Than It Looks Apparently

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